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With these oh so grey days and long, long dark nights we have continued to crave colour and light in our lives. Over on Instagram we have spent the last fortnight celebrating the gloriously sunny and optimistic #yellow

It’s a colour that can be used in so many ways, as a punchy accent in a bold interior scheme or a mellow mustard as part of a more naturalistic palette. We often incorporate yellow shades into our artwork; these small intense bright spots really grab the viewers’ attention and bring an area of interest, especially against a dark back drop.

Some caution does needs to be applied; this is beautifully illustrated by artist Marguerite Humeau’s recent installation (photo middle left) where this particularly clinical and sickly shade was mixed with a disturbing soundtrack and objects, creating a deeply uncomfortable experience for the visitor.


Images shared on Instagram included

Top Row (L to R): Bespoke tiles at Manchester Restaurant by Creed Design, Abandoned Mercedes, Artwork for Weybridge Restaurant.

Middle Row (L to R):  Installation by Marguerite Humeau, #yellow, Cubitts Opticians

Bottom Row (L to R): Finchley Restaurant by Creed, Bournemouth Restaurant by Creed, Dalton Park Restaurant by Creed

Georgia Wilkinson