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With the year starting to draw to an end and the days getting greyer, we felt the need to brighten our days with a colour takeover of our Instagram account. This offered the opportunity to reflect on favourite projects and personal adventures.

When Pantone introduced Greenery as its 2017 colour of the year we weren’t that smitten, however we realised that other beautiful shades of green have certainly infiltrated our interior design jobs.

Deep, rich shades bring calm and relaxation to our projects, whether used on walls or seating. It gives a sophisticated and natural feel to an environment and works wonderfully with brick and wood finishes. Brighter and fresher greens are particularly effective on shopfronts and signage, catching the eye but still working well with the darker grey and black tones on today’s High Street.

The trend to use plants and greenery is still going strong and for good reason. There is nothing quite like a beautiful mature garden glimpsed through a window to make you smile and internal plants (both real and quality fake) can suggest a composed,  tranquil setting, adding extra layers and textures to a space.

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Top Row (L to R): Alex’s coffee cup, Sutton Restaurant by Creed Design, Victorian Staircase

Middle Row (L to R):  Alvar Aalto’s dining room, #green, Richmond Restaurant by Creed Design

Bottom Row (L to R): Bespoke artwork for Sutton and Loughborough, Mint Coffee Van at Victorious